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Syndicated Loan

The product provides automation, monitoring, and optimizing of Syndicated Loan process actions and integration with bank systems, participants, agents, and compliance, legal to avoid manual work.

The product will enable the bank Loan Administration and Agency Services Unit to efficiently, punctually and accurately monitor, administer and automate the process of all syndicated, structured finance, and bilateral loans. That will enhance the service levels and make the banking experience for its customers more pleasant and will position a bank as a regional leader particularly in the syndicated lending market.


The product enables the bank to:

mobile app
Collect and record all Syndicated loan relevant data and process as per the bank responsibility restricting entry / input of data to designated LAAS staff to review / verify the information inputted before such information is activated in the LAAS. Another option would be scanning and recognizing agreement fields to start the process with all entered data to designated LAAS staff to review / verify the information.
Integrate with the bank’s different systems (core, Swift, Risk, Exchange and Credit Rate).
Processing and holding payments as per loan types
Manage syndicated loans and process Drawdown / Rollover Notices and repayments.
Monitor and Notification of required syndicated loan payments as per Loan Agreement.
Monitor and Notification of compliance and reporting requirements.
Approval workflow process integrated with mobile devices