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Customer Service

website service

Call Center

A web application that triggers a BPM process. It accepts calls from customers and creates a maintenance order or a complaint.

Call center agents are able to search for existing information about customers, including customer data, products and maintenance order that were previously placed.

Call center agents are allowed to create dynamic reports for the information they need, using search filters and search results columns.

Once the maintenance order is placed, a BPM maintenance process (After Sales Services) will be automatically triggered to handle the customer maintenance requests. Complaints are directed to the complaints process.

After Sales Service

A BPM process to handle customer maintenance requests.

Includes defining a fixed process for the maintenance team to process the requests to meet customer satisfaction as well as applying service levels and manager’s supervision.

Web-based portal tailored to meet customer needs with dual language support (English-Arabic).

Complaints Handling

Triggered from Call Center.

Handles response to customer complaints initiated by call center or website..