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Test Lab

ValleySoft provide Software Quality services for all types of software systems. Services cover manual and automated testing, as well as test case generation, documentation and testing execution reports. Testing activities are coordinated with the software development life cycle and supports integrating testing services with software development activities to maximize benefits to the development team and the end customer.


ValleySoft provide qualified Sofware Quality professionals for clients following the off-shore outsourcing model.
Clients of this service include Indeed, Inc. which is based in Austin, Texas, USA. Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 100 million unique visitors per month and is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages.

Software Distribution, Deployment and Support Services


IBM BPM Software: ValleySoft was Lombardi’s sole partner for the Middle East since 2007. We provide a full range of Business Project Management services, using the industry leading IBM BPM (Formerly: Lombardi Teamworks) solution, to customers throughout the Middle East.

IBM ODM Software: ValleySoft provide full range policies and business rules management services using IBM ODM (Formerly : iLog)

Our domain expertise cover Banking, Telecommunications, Government, Manufacturing, Retail as well as Engineering and Construction.

Software AG

Resell all of the Software AG portfolio independently as a solution based on our own domain expertise, co-sell all of the Software AG portfolio by identifying leads for Software AG, working closely with Software AG partner account managers and account executives to drive the sales cycle.

Outsourcing Services

ValleySoft provide qualified IT consulting professionals and software developers for Banking Payment Systems and other business areas.

Valleysoft has solid relations with the top three universities in Egypt providing a wide variety of technical skills to meet various customer requirments.

We set the complete internal team/s environment to meet customer needs in terms of needed primary skills , working hours, and infrastructure insuring smooth and secure operations.

We set the team development plan to always meet the customer expectations. The plan includes training, personal managment, career paths and well known escalation paths

We have provided such service to ACI Worldwide, Inc., Prodea and Trilogy (all based in the United States).

Software Development Services

ValleySoft offer requirement formulation, documentation, software design and development services according to a variety of service delivery models (turn-key, development team augmentation, and joint-development).

We have provided such service to Trilogy Enterprises Inc., Versata Software Inc., Artemis International Solutions Corporation and Prodea Systems. All four companies are based in the United States.

Business Process Management

ValleySoft offer business process management (BPM) services, including the design and implementation of business process management applications using but not limited to IBM BPM, IBPMS, and CAMONDA.

Valleysoft understands the challenging market objectives and delivers cutting edge BPM solutions to:

  • Reduce operating costs now and in the future, to improve business performance and to enhance service levels
  • Reduce data duplication and ensure integrity.quam eaque numquam debitis
  • Optimize all BPM processes and avoid rework.
  • Operational Efficiency – Creating smarter process, actively managing our processes, and value them in the same way we value other strategic assets through automating these processes and integrating them with the Core systems.
  • Establish STP (Straight-Through Processing ) - Business rules in processes will help CBQ automate the routing and processing of tasks and support us to economically streamline the end-to-end client management process
  • Achieve customer activities overview.Optimize all BPM processes and avoid rework.
  • Optimizing BPM operations KPIs to increase number of served customer, reducing service processing time, reducing percentage of human errors.
  • Increase profitability through Calculating Time & Value for each transaction and conduct the development based on the outcome.

Operation Decision Management (Rule Engine)

ValleySoft offer Decision Management applications using IBM ODM. Business rule engines are at the heart of any calculus associated with all industries operations (banking, telecommunication, and manufacturing) and form a core element for most back-office systems in any typical environment.
Rule engines involve calculations, which are sometimes extremely complex. It is one area where there is much sensitivity, as well as lots of cross-departmental interests. For example, a rules engine may scan a loan lifecycle trying to first evaluate if an application needs to be filtered or can be processed, if qualified, for the eligible loan amount, tenure, rate of interest, etc. In a typical banking scenario there could be different departments handling this. While the evaluation may be done at the front end, the actual loan amount, tenure and rate may be decided by the back office. Hence, there are cross-departmental interests involved, making this process extremely delicate from an implementation perspective.

Valleysoft understands the challenging market objectives and delivers cutting edge ODM solutions to:

  • Increase Business Agility
  • Single rules repository simplifies updates and maintenance
  • Respond faster to Central Bank updates
  • Better time-to-market as policies can be modified by business team
  • Boost Productivity
  • Improve Stability.
  • Reduce the need for CRs to respond to Central bank rules changes
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Avoid issues related to inconsistency of rules application
  • Common experience across different channels
  • Improve Decision Quality
  • Fine grained rules are implemented
  • What-if impact analysis before deployment
  • Improve Auditing
  • Policy application on operations are tracked
  • Policy modifications are tracked
  • Reduce the changing time from months to few days
  • Allow a single monitoring point to monitor SAMA comply
  • Allow rule setting per channel. i.e. Allow disable rule thru channel and enable it thru another one
  • Allow setting exception rules to safe business