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Account Opening

Solution handles bank account opening for retail and corporate customers. It replaces a combination of manual processing of account opening requests that involves manual interaction with multiple systems during the course of completing this process.


It provides the following benefits:

mobile app
End to end processing of account opening applications to support paperless account opening.
Automated check against restricted individual lists and compliance flow per central bank regulations and internal policies.
Automated setup of all account instruments, such as ATM card issuance, Internet Banking Account Setup, checkbook, and others.
Full audit of customer information changes and updates
Documentation handling and interface with ECM systems for scanned documents management.
Seamless integration with Loan Origination application such that a new customer can be created during the course of applying for a loan
Multi-channel support (An account can be opened from the branch or the website to support new customer acquisition)
Supports retail , Corporate , and Joint accounts
Multi language support forms and printouts.
Integration with ID card & Passport reader, Debit Card issuance, Cheque issuance, Signature Capture, Core bank System, AML, and Customer Master Data.