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Corporate Finance

Bulk Payments

The Bulk Payments product is a flexible BPM application, which can be used to set up and process bulk payments for institutional customers at a bank. Bulk payments are typically a set of payment instructions provided by an institutional customer (such as a corporation or government agency) to a bank to process on its behalf. Prime examples of bulk payments are Payroll Processing for employees of a corporation or government agency, Dividend Payments to shareholders of a corporation or Direct Debit instructions used to process recurring payments.


The product provides a payment platform that provides significant improvements over manual or ad-hoc methodologies. These improvements are:

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Time and effort reduction: The solution has delivered time and effort reduction of more than 50% compared to manual processing.
Multi-channel support: Enabled bulk payment processing to be conducted through multiple customer channels including corporate internet banking, in order to reduce operational cost and improve customer satisfaction by providing more processing options.
Ensure compliance to policies and timelines: Regulatory and operational policies are built into the system to compliance at all times. In addition, processing deadlines are automatically managed by the system without any human intervention, which has mostly been confined to handle exceptions and customer inquiries.
Automating regulatory reporting: Reports required by customers and regulatory authorities are automatically generated and delivered when due.
Automated fee collection: Processing and subscription fees are automatically collected precisely on their due dates.
Customer and bank staff notifications are generated and delivered throughout the process to ensure customer is updated on the processing state and greatly reduce the need for inquiries.
Setting up and maintaining bulk payment agreements are an integral part of the system and tied to payment processing requests.
Processing fees can be now structured using a variety of schemes, such as monthly subscriptions, per transaction fees, and other types of fees to cater to the needs of all customers.
Operational reports and dashboards are made available to stakeholders using live data.