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SDM (Service Decision Making)

All banks are subject to Central Bank rules and regulations that must be enforced on operations. Central Banks periodically updates its rules and regulations in response to new risks and changes in global conditions. At all banks, central bank rules are implemented in multiple systems and enforced by manual procedures. Whenever central banks changes rules, systems’ change requests are created and implemented to the systems affected by the rule change, and changes in procedures must be communicated to relevant bank staff.

The product provides the solution by:

  • Codify central bank rules in a central business rules repository which provides services to check any applicable transaction or operation initiated by a system
  • Enable changes to central bank rules and policies to be easily made by analysts and business people
  • Automate central bank rules application for all operations and transactions across all applicable channels


The product covers 5 main areas as presented below:

  • Determine SAMA Class for the new and existing customer.
  • Determine required documents.
  • Determine Eligible products.
  • Set applied rules, Procedures and policies.

The product enables banks to:

  • Single rules repository simplifies updates and maintenance
  • Respond faster to SAMA updates
  • Better time-to-market as policies can be modified by business team